Estratégia fácil de EMA de 1 minuto e oscilador estocástico na Olymp Trade

Moving average is the best indicator if you trade with the trend. However, It is always a good idea to combine an indicator with a trend indicator to get better trading signals. Just, like in this article I am going to combine the EMA with Stochastic Indicator to get better results at Olymp Trade. Setting … Ler mais

2 métodos fáceis de usar o indicador Zig Zag na Olymp Trade

Zig Zag indicator is one of the most underrated trading indicators that you can find and set on the Olymp Trade trading platform. How to find and set Zig Zag indicator at Olymp Trade The first you need to do is log in to your Olymp Trade account and set your chart to candlestick don’t … Ler mais

Leia este guia para facilitar o Alligator Indicator na Olymp Trade

  Alligator Indicator is one of the most popular family members of trend indicators. This Indicator was developed by Bill Williams. You can practice this indicator at the Olymp Trade demo and real account. Starting with Alligator Indicator at Olymp Trade You can start with the indicator at both Olymp Trade real and demo account. … Ler mais

Aprenda a negociar efetivamente com o Moonch Index na Olymp Trade

What is Moonch Index? Olymp Trade has recently launched new securities and one of them is the Moonch Index. In my previous article, I have covered Maha Jantar Index. You can check it out here. Now, What is Moonch Index It is a religion-specific asset for India. This Index is based on the ratings of … Ler mais


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Aprenda a usar o Indicador MACD na Olymp Trade corretamente

MACD ( Moving Average Convergence & Divergence) is one of the best indicators that help to identify the current trend using the four important lines. MACD Indicator Overview: MACD is the short form of Moving Average Convergence & Divergence. It is a trend following indicator that demonstrates the relationship between the two moving averages of … Ler mais

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