DomicileStratégie commercialeComment combiner l'alerte VFX avec Olymp Trade pour obtenir des signaux de qualité

Comment combiner l'alerte VFX avec Olymp Trade pour obtenir des signaux de qualité


(Last Updated On: juin 25, 2022)

Trading with signals is one of the easiest and most effective ways to score some good trades at Olympe Commerce. However, it is also essential that you find a good trading signal application and therefore, In this article. I am going to combine one of the most popular trading signals bot or application VFX alert with Olympe Commerce.

How to get started with the VFX alert bot

Firstly, click this link and you land on the VFX alert home page. Click on the signup button.

Next, fill in your details like email, and password & hit the sign up button. confirm your account with the verification code you received in your mail.


Next, you need to log in to your Compte commercial Olymp. In case, you don’t have one click here. Once you logged in you will land on the Tableau de bord Olymp Trade.

What is a VFX alert

VFX alert is one of the most popular trading signal service that was introduced in the market by Alexender Mikolyuk. This company provides high-quality trading signals that you can combine with Olympe Commerce. They provide you a full range of analytical instruments high-quality signals, trading charts, market news, and indicators.

Olymp Trade signals: How to combine VFX alert with Olymp Trade

Once you have signed up log in to your VFX alert account. Click on the profile icon and select the telegram option from the menu to get signals on your phone.

Next, visit vfxalert_bot on your telegram app and paste your token to get updated signals on your phone.

Next, click the signal button if you want to trade via your browser.

Next, Open your Compte commercial Olymp and your dashboard will look something like given below.

How does VFX alert work?

Source: VFX alert

VFX alert is easy to work with. However, for better clarity, I will cover some of the vital points.

01: Asset: Trading asset on which VFX signal appeared.

02: Quote: Price Quote when the signal has appeared.

03: Time: Time Duration since the signal has appeared.

0.4: 5 min: The recommended time. on how much time frame you should use.

0.5 CCI: It is not that important. It says about the algorithm used.

0.6 Call: It signals the call you should place. If it is green you need to place a buy trade and If it is red you need to place a sell trade.

0.7: Strength: It is the most point you need to focus on. If the strength of the signal is full as given above it represents a super-strong trend and you can place multiple trades here.

0.8: Heatmap: It shows the power of the trend.

How to trade with VFX alert and Olymp Trade?

Trading with VFX alert and Olymp Trade is very easy. You just need to focus on the strength of the trend and the recommended time frame. If the strength of the trend is three or above it represents a strong signal.

As you can see above we are getting a strong GBPJPY sell signal with a recommended time frame of 1 minute.

So, what you need to do is find the currency GBP JPY in the currency section.

Lastly, place a sell trade with a 1-minute time frame.

Final Point

VFX alert is one of the most reliable and popular trading bot I have ever used. Trading with VFX alert is very easy and the platform outcore is also very simple. You just need to focus on the trend strength and make sure to place a trade with a trend strength of at least three or above. The signal of five indicates a super strong signal and you can place multiple trades here. The best thing you can do is select a basic plan ou alors VFX alert pro account or you can also try the free account. I have you have any doubts do comment below.

I wish you a best of luck and a successful trading career.




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