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Kio estas Quickler kaj kiel profiti per la sama en Olymp Trade


(Last Updated On: Junio 20, 2022)

Olimpika Komerco has recently launched one of the newest securities that is Quickler. This asset is ideally made for aggressive traders who love to trade quickly.

What is Quickler?

Quickler is a unique asset recently launched by Olimpika Komerco for aggressive traders who love to take quick trades.  This asset allows you to place 5-sec trades which makes this asset unique and exciting. You won’t find this asset on any other trading platform because it is exclusively launched by Olimpika Komerco.

 How to set Quickler on the Olymp Trade trading platform?

To set this asset on the Olimpika Komerco. You need to log in to your Olymp Trade-konto first. Once you have logged in click on the asset button and search for the name Quickler in the menu.

Important Points about Quickler

  • This asset is made for aggressive traders and it allows you to trade for 5 secs. You can’t change the trade duration of the asset.
  • In Quickler, You can trade on the line chart, you can’t change the chart type to candlestick or Heiken Ashi.
  • You can use multiple indicators to assess the chart properly. You can even try this asset on the Demo-konto de Olymp Trade.
  • You can also use multiple time frames to understand the volatility of the chart. There are no restrictions on the time frame of the chart.

How to trade Quickler on the Olymp Trade trading platform?

As, I said above, Quickler is made for fast traders who love to take quick trades. You need to make decisions in a split of seconds. Therefore, you need proper practice and good training with this asset. The best thing you can do is try this asset on the Olimpika Komerco demo account with the indicator I will suggest you in this article. Once, you start getting good profit and positive results you can shift to Olymp Trade’s real account.

Quickler is a semi-volatile currency. Therefore, you also use fast indicators like WMA and RSI. To set the indicator click on the indicator button and search for WMA on the menu.

Now, change the time frame of WMA to 195 and you can also change the colour and darken the line for better results.

Click on the indicator button again and search for the RSI on the menu.

Now, change the time frame of the indicator to 7 and change the colour for good results.

Now, to place trades. If both the indicators provide a buy signal you need to place an Up trade similarly when both the indicators provide a sell signal you need to place a Down trade.

As you can see above both in WMA when the price is moving in an uptrend above the indicator it signals a bullish trend similarly, when the RSI line is crossing the 30 line it signals a bullish trend. As you can see above both the indicators confirm the bullish trend, so here we can place a  buy trade.

Similarly, for a sell trade when the RSI line is near the line 70 and the price is moving below the indicator is a signal of a bearish trend and here, we can place a sell trade here.

Final Thoughts 

Trading with Quickler requires good practice and skill. You need to keep practising this strategy on the Olymp trade demo account and once you are confident enough you start trading with real money. Using good money management like Martingale strategy would be a great idea. However, the important thing is how you practice. You need to practice very seriously as if you are trading in a real account. You can also keep a note of your trades. and once, you start getting positive results. You can start in the real account. So, this is the end of this article I hope you have found this article helpful Till then I wish you a very best of luck. Do comment below your experience and in case you have doubt you can contact me I will try to help you as soon as possible.






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