How to trade with Maha Jantar Index using WMA indicator at Olymp Trade?

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2023)

About Maha Jantar Index at Olymp trade


Maha Jantar Index is one of the newest security that you can trade at Olymp Trade. The Maha Jantar Index is an index that allows investors to analyze the performance of certain markets and investments, as well as to identify areas of potential growth and opportunity. This index was developed by Maha Solutions, a leader in market analysis and data science.

You can easily trade with security in the currency section of the platform. The security is highly volatile therefore we need a good indicator that reacts faster to price fluctuations. Therefore, in this article, I am going to use WMA and RSI Indicators.


How to set the Maha Jantar Index chart and Indicator combination at the Olymp Trade platform


Firstly, log in to your Olymp Trade account. next set the default chart to the candlestick. now, click on the currency button and search for the Maha Jantar Index price chart on the menu.


Maha Jantar Index chart on Olymp Trade


Secondly, click on the indicator button and select WMA and RSI from the menu. make sure to set the WMA timer to 28 and darken the line for better results.


Maha Jantar Index chart on Olymp Trade

Open buy trade with a bullish crossover


Maha Jantar Index chart on Olymp Trade


When the WMA intersects the price from the bottom but ladder up and continues to stay above the price plus the RSI line is near the oversold level. This is the best time to open a buy trade since this signals a strong bullish trend.


Open sell trade with bearish crossover


Maha Jantar Index chart on Olymp Trade


Similarly, when the WMA makes a crossover with price from the top but ladder down below the price and continues to stay below the price plus RSI line is near or above the overbought level, it signals a bearish trend and here we can place a sell trade.


Final Words


The Maha Jantar Index is an innovative index developed by Maha Solutions that helps investors and market analysts to better understand the performance of various investments and markets. This index provides an up-to-date snapshot of the investment landscape, assessing a wide range of factors to provide an accurate picture of potential opportunities for growth.

To trade with the index I have used a combination of RSI and WMA indicators. WMA is one of the most effective indicators that give high-quality signals based on recent data. you can practice this indicator on the Olymp Trade demo account. and see how this indicator behaves for you. Once you have practised enough and can move to the Olymp Trade real account.



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