Learn to trade effectively with Moonch Index at Olymp Trade

What is Moonch Index? Olymp Trade has recently launched new securities and one of them is the Moonch Index. In my previous article, I have covered Maha Jantar Index. You can check it out here. Now, What is Moonch Index It is a religion-specific asset for India. This Index is based on the ratings of … Read more

How to trade with Maha Jantar Index using WMA indicator at Olymp Trade?

What is Maha Jantar Index? Maha Jantar Index is one of the newest security that you can trade at Olymp Trade. You can easily trade with security at the currency section of the platform. The security is highly volatile therefore we need a good indicator that reacts faster to the price fluctuations. Therefore, in this … Read more

How to open high quality trades using WMA at Olymp Trade?

WMA or Weighted moving average is one of the members of moving averages. You can easily work with this indicator at the Olymp Trade trading platform. Today, In this article I will be using the two sets of WMA to get the high-quality signals. WMA Overview WMA or Weighted moving average is a technical indicator … Read more

Understand SMA at Olymp Trade before you regret

Olymp Trade offers the best indicators and one of them is SMA or you can also call it  Simple moving average. It is a trend indicator that can helps to identify the current trend and the possible reversals.  The simple moving average is formed by computing the average price of a security over a certain … Read more

Learn to use MACD Indicator at Olymp Trade properly

MACD ( Moving Average Convergence & Divergence) is one of the best indicators that help to identify the current trend using the four important lines. MACD Indicator Overview: MACD is the short form of Moving Average Convergence & Divergence. It is a trend following indicator that demonstrates the relationship between the two moving averages of … Read more

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