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Easiest guide on How to Trade in Olymp Trade?

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2021)
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Hello….folks in this article I will share with you How to trade in Olymp trade , Olymp Trade Tutorial, How to use Olymp trade & more.

So, If you are the trader who has just stepped in the field of trading and is confused How to Trade in Olymp Trade or How to invest in Olymp trade ? or How to use Olymp Trade then this article is surely for you.

In order to start trading in Olymp Trade firstly, you will need to sign up with Olymp Trade. 

If you have don’t have an Olymp Trade. Create one for FREE. or read this article for the complete Olymp Trade tutorial.
You can Trade-in Olymp Trade in Three ways:

1. Fixed Time Trade: 

Olymp Trade is most popular for Fixed Time Trade. 

In case you don’t know,
Fixed Time Trade is a market where you predict the movement of assets, commodities & more.
Suppose, You decided to predict the movement of a commodity Gold using some indicators and price chart.
According, to your analysis the Gold will stay in the upper direction or Bullish direction and you decided to BUY $100 Gold for 5 min.
After, 5 min The platform will check if your prediction is correct or not.
If it is correct you will earn $100 + rate of return (assuming 80%) = $180.
2. Forex: The Second way via which you can invest in Olymp Trade is Forex.
3. MT4: Last but not least, via which you can invest in Olymp Trade is MT4.
However, Here I will share with you How to Trade in Olymp Trade in Fixed Time Trade?
Well, Trading in Olymp Trade with Fixed Time is damn very easy:

After Signing Up you will Land to Olymp Trade Dashboard. 



So, I have written everything in detail ( See above ).

Few Points You should always remember:

1. Time Frame: In the above chart, you can see I have set the time frame to 1 hour.

You should always try to trade in Higher Time frame since less time frame charts are really risky.

2.  Demo Account: Demo account is the gem if used properly. before trading with your real you should always practice hard in Demo account. and practice just like you are trading for real.

3. Note Everything: If you are a beginner you should practice for at least 4 months and note your profit & loss for the 4 months.

4. Choose the currency properly: If you are a beginner you should always trade on less volatile chart like NZD, & more don’t try GBP USD in beginning.

Winding Up:

I hope you have found this article helpful. 

I wish you all the very best. Still confused, on How to use Olymp Trade? How to invest in Olymp trade ? or for any doubt’s please comment below.


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